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Solid/Kymppi Group have built up many years' expertise in supplying ISO services. Solid/Kymppi Group supply insulation and insulation products for oil and gas installations both onshore and offshore. Through the group's organisation we have considerable capacity to supply insulation products and associated services.

We offer insulation for:

  •         Heat
  •         Cold
  •         Noise
  •         Fire
  •         Sheathing of pipes and ducts
  •         Meters
  •         Enclosures and special solutions

In many cases, there may be requirements for insulating heat, cold and noise on the same object. We offer complete solutions that take care of all these requirements. Innovation and development are important for finding the right insulation products. We therefore work with some excellent partners who supply insulation products that have all the relevant permits for use on the Norwegian continental shelf.

In addition to traditional insulation systems, we also offer the following services:

  •         Exterior and interior prefabricated firewalls and cladding
  •         Ceilings, walls and floor systems
  •         Fire sealing of pipes, ducts and cable runs
  •         Ventilation ducts

Solid/Kymppi Group performs all types of pipe insulation on ships and drilling rigs Insulation design depends on room temperature and requirements for surface protection.

Read more about Kymppi here: www.10e.fi


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