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Oil & Gas

Solid Vedlikehold AS is Norway's foremost and oldest supplier of ISO services. A considerable part of our activities have been in the oil and gas industry since 1980. Our head office is at the CCB base at Ågotnes.

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We offer total packages in the ISO disciplines. Total packages with a solutions-oriented focus mean efficiency, quality and financial benefits for you as a customer. One of our success criteria is our flexibility.

We have extensive experience and expertise in this area and we give our customers the opportunity to achieve more efficient energy production. Our services extend the lifetime of installations, with the smallest possible effect on operations.

Quality, expertise and a focus on health and safety and the environment are the cornerstones of our activities. With our long experience, we provide cutting edge competence in surface treatment, insulation and access. Fire protection and the removal of structures are becoming ever more important areas.

Knowledge is becoming ever more important on the continental shelf, with its strong focus on operations and modification. Our long-standing and close collaboration with our customers and partners help us to create values and expertise in all areas. The company has ambitions for further growth and development.

Continued progress demands that we shall be ready at all times to develop in line with our partners. We are therefore working to strengthen our position as a competent, innovative and flexible organisation. Our customers shall be met with enthusiasm, commitment and our constant drive to find more cost-effective working methods and product solutions.

Rig upgrades/classification 

We have extensive experience of the maintenance of drilling rigs in connection with classification and upgrades.  By means of framework agreements with drilling companies, CCB and Hanøytangen, we have built up enormous expertise and flexibility. Our engineers would be happy to review your rigs and take on further planning.

We create painting programmes and budgets in the ISO disciplines for rig companies.


During our long experience of power and energy, we have built up great expertise in the maintenance of onshore facilities. We carry out all types of surface treatment, insulation and scaffolding projects and deliveries. We like to get involved in projects at an early stage, together with our customers. We know from experience that we can achieve the best and most cost-effective deliveries in this way.


Solid Vedlikehold stands out as a secure supplier and partner. Our long experience and good, innovative solutions have made us into an organisation that can take on total assignments.

We have skilled people out on operations, with good job performance, attitudes and expertise. Our day-to-day management keeps a close focus on safety, quality, management and organisation. We are flexible and solutions-oriented, with rapid response times and the ability to find solutions that suit the customer.

Solid Vedlikehold has the will to get the full potential out of integrated operations together with the oil company.

Subsea services

In Tønsberg, Solid Vedlikehold handles all surface treatment work for Grenland Group ASA. We perform work here for onward delivery to offshore and subsea end customers. Subsea activities are carried out in close cooperation with our engineering division, where we perform risk analyses and plan assignments.

We have extensive expertise in the planning, development and application of paint and insulation materials subsea. Our engineers are available to review your needs. See a more detailed description of the halls here

Solid Vedlikehold has a fully up to date hall at Ågotnes where we perform PFTE coating; see more details here.

Solid Vedlikehold AS Phone: 56 31 43 00
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