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Land-based activities

Solid Vedlikehold has been a faithful partner to the industrial market for many years. We believe in creating confidence and being a company you can rely on, as well as providing quality in what we do.

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    Søderberg tunnels
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    Sør-Norge Aluminium

This year, Solid Vedlikehold has entered into a two-year framework agreement with the Norwegian Armed Forces at the Haakonsvern naval base and the submarine bunker at Laksevåg in which we will supply skilled workers for surface treatment and the assembly of scaffolding.

We have also entered into a framework agreement with Bergen Group Services for surface treatment work at the shipyard at Laksevåg.

Surface treatment of tank facilities requires both skilled workers and knowledge. Over the years, Solid Vedlikehold has built up a unique fund of knowledge and experience with this type of work, both inside and outside. This often involves using special products that are difficult to apply and makes great demands on the workers' knowledge and experience.

Solid Vedlikehold has experience of many different industrial assignments over the years. We have performed surface treatment, created job packages and streamlined work for both Sør-Norge Aluminium and Hydro Aluminium. With our solutions-oriented employees, we can manage almost any job.

Over the past 40 years, Solid Vedlikehold has demonstrated that the work we do is of high quality. We keep our promises.

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