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In the early 70s, it was small road bridges that dominated Solid Vedlikehold's activities. But in line with technical development, ever larger bridges have been appearing along the Norwegian coast. This has meant new challenges for us. Painting a small bridge spanning 10 to 20 metres is hardly the same as tackling the enormous fjord crossings such as Nordhordaland Bridge.

  • Höga Kusten Bridge

    Höga Kusten Bridge
  • Dalsfjord Bridge

    Dalsfjord Bridge
  • Steinkjer Bridge

    Steinkjer Bridge
  • Gjemnessund Bridge

    Gjemnessund Bridge
  • Kista Bridge

    Kista Bridge
  • Saltdalselva Bridge

    Saltdalselva Bridge

We have developed special equipment that makes it easier for us to work on high abutments and bridge structures. For example, we have a motorised work platform that moves us around the bridge. This makes the work both easier and safer.

For many years, Solid Vedlikehold has been a market leader in access and surface treatment on challenging and complex bridge projects. We have been involved with cables or bridge sections on the biggest bridge projects of the past 20 years in Norway.

In recent years, we have been commissioned to renovate large and complex rail bridges, where the work has been completed without disturbing rail traffic. We have used scaffolding to enclose the bridges in such a way that the environment has been safeguarded.

In order to complete this type of project, we have trained some of our own people as authorised safety guards.

Solid Vedlikehold completes bridge projects at the right time and the right quality.

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