vår erfaring – din trygghet

Visions and values


  • Our employees are positive and committed
  • We collaborate well both internally and externally
  • We have a working environment in which everyone is seen and heard

Solutions oriented:

  • We find the right solutions to the customer's needs
  • Our employees can solve challenges
  • We take a dynamic approach when choosing working methods


  • We see the simple and effective solutions
  • Our turn-around puts a high focus on risk
  • We have the drive and effectiveness to go the whole way

Health & safety and quality conscious:

  • We apply the "zero philosophy" and have a well-developed quality system
  • We take a preventive approach to understanding risk
  • We always comply with legislation and regulations and follow our own ethical guidelines


  • We make the targeted development of expertise a priority
  • We listen to our people and give them professional development
  • We set each other goals and strive towards constructive change


  • We are clear and unambiguous in our communication with our customers
  • We are good at conveying the solutions we choose
  • We have a prominent place in the market
The Solid House
The Solid House
Gathering in Aurland
Gathering in Aurland
Solid Vedlikehold AS Phone: 56 31 43 00
Postboks 34, 5346 Ågotnes Fax: 56 31 43 01 Mail: post@solid-vedlikehold.no