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Surface Treatment Centre

Solid Vedlikehold AS has a centre for surface treatment and maintenance at the CCB base at Ågotnes. We perform both total surface treatment and PTFE coating (xylan). With our large modern halls, we can offer our customers total solutions.

We have skilled workers with up to 25 years' experience and are constantly training willing apprentices. Click here to read more about our surface treatment centre.


Head office

Solid Vedlikehold AS organises its projects through our project division, which is led by our operations manager. We carry out projects throughout Scandinavia and have therefore established a subsidiary in Sweden, Solid Energy AB.


Grenland division

Our division at Agility Group in Tønsberg offers the following facilities:

Function Building Dimentions Main door opening    Area
Surface treatment Hall E1 40 x 29,6 x 16 m     30 x 16 m 1180 m2     
Surface treatment Hall E2 40 x 29,6 x 16 m 30 x 16 m 1180 m2
Surface treatment Hall E3 36 x 12 x 6 m 12 x 6 m 432 m2




Loading and unloading capacity:

  • Quayside 50 tonnes
  • In hall 240 tonnes
  • Trolley for internal transport with a 200 tonne capacity

The work we carry out at this division is mainly surface treatment of subsea equipment that is built by Agility Group AS. The end customers in our current projects are FMC, Statoil, Shell and Total. 

Solid Vedlikehold is a totally integrated partner of Agility Group. This means that the customer's requirements, guidelines, systems and practice are adopted and implemented as part of the company's best practice. The objective is to ensure the highest possible level of operational regularity in the projects in which we are engaged, at all times.


Hanøytangen division

Solid Vedlikehold has established a division at Hanøytangen to handle surface treatment and scaffolding for oil platforms and ships, in partnership with the Bergen Group. Hanøytangen Verft has one of the world's biggest dry docks, measuring 125mX125m with a depth of 17 m. The shipyard also has a lifting capacity of about 1,000 tonnes. Solid Vedlikehold AS has extensive experience at Hanøytangen, having been here since the Troll platform and Heidrun foundations were built here.



Kirkenes division

Solid Vedlikehold AS has established a division in Kirkenes to be ready for future ISO discipline projects in the northern Norwegian continental shelf.  










(photo: Bergen Group) 



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